Monday, March 16, 2015


Sometimes., some time and some.. I want to speak to the world..I see the world as everyone I have ever known in life. Everyone who passed, me going in, they coming out. All the people in my little town in the piney woods and everyone I mingled with getting off that plane in Moscow, where the curtain had come down but, the iron clad heart of the city  was cold and too stern. The crowded piazza of Florence with those stepping off the boats to enjoy the romance of the city, the beauty that down through time man has created there and been preserved in all the cities of the antique country that is Italy. Passing through the crowds of those getting on the boats to embark on yet another adventure.

Sometimes, because I know people who have struggled and still struggle, I want to speak to the world. Sometimes, because I think maybe if my words touch their eyes I can love their hearts. And they will know. Sometimes I feel an urgency to pass love to someone, many someones who are desperate in pain, though quiet and un-noticed and altogether unimportant to the majority. I know you're there. I want to say to you that the majority doesn't matter and that you matter. You really do. 


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