Monday, January 2, 2017


For years my new year resolution has been SIMPLIFY but this year? It is forming into a kind of MINIMALISM but for the sake of finding and following my BLISS. Live with less and actually own only that which brings joy...bliss. If you are like me you have a lot of crap that clutters your life. A true minimalist will not own more than 150 items, does not own a car or a television. I am not planing to go that hard core but instead of having things stuffed away in the wash room or some drawer I am beginning the surge..rid myself of excess.. Have what you have because you personally enjoy it. If you cannot have it out to enjoy then why have it at all?

This is a big change and I have a storage unit to help me with the transition. Gives me a chance to think about what I want to do with 'stuff'. I have art pictures that I have strong feelings about and have come up with a creative way to display so I can actually experience them. Are you like that? Do you have large framed prints stored behind a door, for years loving them too much to send away? I tried and realized there is a reason and THAT is what I need to keep because it brings me enjoyment. That is fulfilling a purpose for me and one I DESERVE!! lol...

There are many things I tell myself NO to that I might enjoy but are not good for me in the whole scheme of things. Anyway this can only be a mix of minimalism and bliss and it is my resolution, not Joe Blow's or Jane Doe's. Yes, my new year resolve is only have/do what will ultimately bring you bliss. BLISS! What will that involve for me in the coming year? I better take the before pics now!! LOL and Happy New Year~!

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