Wednesday, April 26, 2017

There was once a fairy consort, and she still remains.

                                  THIS IS NO ORDINARY TEDDY BEAR
This is an original story about Rose Hill of How To Always Win. This is INCLUDED IN THIS auction and is an original fantasy story by myself, L. Dulin, that accompanies this bear. This once abandoned bear has been reborn and is very much a part of the story. And so it begins...
                                         Once upon a time, and even still...
Tucked away in the woods where she and the fairies live happily, there's a modern day fairy consort. What is a fairy consort you might ask? Merely one who has the ability to call fairies to objects of her choosing. Even if you were to Google it you would not find it for it is a term of days long ago. Her name is Rose Hill, the fairy consort that is, and she has had access to the oldest of manuscripts written by fairy consorts of old. She was able to actually read and copy through libraries available many years ago in Europe and are now scarce and difficult to find. She was thirsty to understand what she had experienced, and though she is very old this makes her ageless.
Rose was a most kind woman who loved nature and all things. She learned early in life that there were other realities than the one most experienced. These different levels or planes of
javascript:;consciousness began to infiltrate her every day life and she began to interact within different planes as she found knowledge of these things. One she enjoyed the most was what she referred to as the fairiestial plane. As she did she learned she had dominance over these as long as it was used for good. Her kindness became well known in the realm of the fae and they indeed grew to love her dearly. You see, it seemed to work through love.
 Rose Hill has had sad things happen as most do, and sometimes life is hard but she learned that there is  power greater than herself or anything, and that is LOVE. Love for herself and for others. As she operated in this power she found that as long as she continued to put faith in love, then by its' power she would be a winner in life even if she had nothing else. So, Rose Hill became victorious and happy in spite of the struggles of life.  She discovered that Love has positive energies which are a good thing. But sometimes there was an inner struggle to choose love, even for Rose. She has had to learn SO many things about love and also about hate and where each thing carries you. The secret about love Rose learned, is that you don't have to feel it to operate in it. You just have to choose it. It will come to you.
Rose Hill wants you to know about The Amazing Portal.
You see, there is a secret portal, protected from hate that can be found by those who choose to walk through to it. We each can go in and out between love and hate but the only way to win is to always return to choose love over hate. To not let hate have the power over you, you must choose love and its attributes. Because, unfortunately there is also hatred with its easy attributes. Hate has a way of presenting you with its easy ways. In fact Rose found that hate is always coming up, even without her operating in it. That is because others operate in it. So she had a lot of exercise in choosing love over hate. Each time she did she learned something more about its power.
Rose learned that Teddy Bears are a portal to love. That is a very good thing.  All the abandoned Teddy Bears began to represent to her that someone had given up on love. This is when she began to call the fairies in to help. Rose called her innocent fairies into being out of the love portal for a particular purpose. Their purpose is simply to happily reside in love where Rose of the Faeries calls them. In this, each one has the spirit of joy and loves always. Have you EVER known of a hateful Teddy Bear? Of course not!
Rose has a saying of truth; Joyful is the person who encourages good, with no evil being welcomed. Please do understand that the fae are free to roam about but are always there at the same time!
Queen Rose of the Faeries
 This is why she is called Queen Rose by the fairies, who adore her. Rose Hill has long since left society with its rogues and workers of wicked things and has stole away to her place in a secluded wood, off the grid. They have named it Rose Hill. They, meaning the fairies.
In her lifetime, Rose Hill has developed great fondness for people, animals and things once loved and then discarded in life. She felt empathy for all lonely and forgotten that had served their owners well but were now abandoned. Rose Hill became the caretaker of many teddy bears...As caretaker she gives them new life and purpose and now is Caretaker to lovely things.  In fact,she has so many in the Rose Hill collection that she knows it is time to share. So happily she has sought out other caretakers for her world of collection.
Now, Rose Hill's Fairy Bear Collection is available for adoption. If you are one of those who  have a fairy bear come to you, then you are blessed indeed for you will learn even more about love. And so in this story they live happily ever after, as in all good stories.
                                It is THE END WITH A BEGINNING.

NOTE: The new caretaker of each teddy bear from the Rose Hill Collection receives a letter of  adoption and transfer so signed by Rose Hill, with a seal of certification and registered by the Willows Institute. It is as a lasting document that may be passed again along with the story to another caring owner, a friend, a grand daughter or grand son or other child or adult who gets to learn more about love. It is transferable forever by each former owner to pass along with this story.  So it may be inherited, gifted, or otherwise acquired with the important lesson about love to grow in meaning forever.
CONCERNING RETURNS: No returns however you are covered by ebay's buyer protection plan to receive what is represented in this auction.

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