Thursday, December 12, 2013

ONE STRAW AT A TIME ~ Dealing With Depression

      Amid the songs, the parties, the food, and gift giving of Christmas many people have a fight on their hands. They walk among the crowds in the malls and supermarkets and sometimes they look very much like you. The fight I refer to is one with depression. Some have developed skills that mask their battle while others may sadly become debilitated. Then there are others that meet depression head on with a hope that only comes from faith in God. 
     Whichever the case these all have a fight on their hands. Christmas becomes a struggle and every difficult thing becomes magnified or another straw on the camels back. Need a gift to give this season? Reach inside yourself and give kindness.  Kindness is an expression of love and love never fails. That's something you can have faith in even if you never see or feel the direct results of it.
     People need a reason to smile and you and I can be that reason. Lighten the load one straw at a time. Be kind to one another. It can make all the difference in the world. 
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