I want to lay responsibility at the feet of those who have caused and continue to generate murderous, anti-moral hearts and minds of America. So Hollywood, Music Industry, writers of all sorts and most certainly the news media and television programming. Artists who CHOOSE the dark side, by using their talents and abilities for degradation of every kind. So thank you to all you Hollywood types and media moguls that have taken your own special wrecking ball to the heart of anything good. It is your kind that want God OUT and your own way in.
Special thanks to Miley Cyrus who decided it was high time to use her power over American youth to stab them in the back. Also, special thanks to Brittney Spears who showed her ass in more ways than one, and BEYONCE? You went so far BEYOND entertainment as you stooped and graveled in the filth of the occult. Thanks girls. Oh, as for Joy Behar of the View? Who could say Joy in connection with you and not gag on it.

It is truly the anus of America who has allowed themselves to be the tool of destruction as you set out to intentionally under-mind every moral, every human value and good thing held in honor. As you play the Pied Piper in word and deed with your songs, your movies, your interviews and your sick waste of opinions you have taught American youth to not hold anything sacred, not even LIFE. You uphold the slaughter of babies, and esteem to euthanize the old and helpless. You play god , you have believed the serpent. You choose .

Now...let's have that talk about how guns and mental illness are the cause of what is happening in our schools as when your evil work has born the fruit of destruction and the hearts of reasonable people are torn you look to blame the blameless, to guilt the guiltless. And like the whore that you are, who entices any to break vow, afterward you wipe your mouth and say, "I've done nothing wrong."
You would like to blame God and blaspheme every good thing that exists because you are every evil thing in full operation. Nothing is sacred to you except for you. Are you proud of your benign rhetoric? Of attempting to render God unholy? Senseless? Imaginary? You hope for annihilation of even the thought of God. Pride, YOUR pride, goes before a fall. Do you have a clue what that means? Do you realize your haughtiness and pride? Yes. It parades high and mighty in self and then comes a great fall. All of you who call evil good and good evil. I can say with love in my heart that evil is evil. God is good.

Of course, you will choose to not accept what I am saying nor the God who has brought it to humanity, even in the form of a man who was the word of God become flesh, who dwelt among us, who came to save mankind from depravity through his death, burial, and resurrection.
You who seek to make that God, even Jesus, small and of NO consequence by your blasphemy, still have the offer of mercy and love by simply saying I want Jesus in my heart. Until that time when you are brought low, to your knees I call you by your true name: Miley Babylon, not Joy, but Grief Babylon, Beyonce Babylon. Then there is Paris Babylon and all, the whole lot of you, that follow the Piper of Hell and dance his dance.

Haters of American roots and anything held precious by those who believe, get ready to kneel and confess that Jesus is Lord because you will do it now and be saved or do it out of the damned remorse you will feel at realizing and confess on bended knees that Jesus Christ is Lord, when time as we know it is no more.

~It takes a village.