Saturday, August 20, 2016

MY DELIGHT !! What is yours?

Delight : verb 
To take great pleasure or joy. 

How do I DELIGHT myself?

Sometimes I go buy my favorite ice cream and favorite fixings and delight myself in the eating all I want. I at times delight myself in activities like dancing with a gentleman that doesn't step on my toes, or experiencing the phenomenal workings of my body as a lift light weight in a body sculpting class. We all delight in different things and activities to even the company we keep. Those things all beckon me to delight in them but none promises to give me the desires of my heart!

Now, THAT'S a promise!  

To those who earnestly seek to,  "Delight yourself in the Lord" ..not ice cream, though we still enjoy it, or people  (we certainly enjoy them), or shopping, fishing, boating,  trips to far-away-places or ANYTHING, (even being the BEST!!) But, DELIGHT YOURSELF IN THE LORD. This means I let go and trust in Him to fulfill my heart's desire.

When will you get serious about truly obtaining the DESIRES OF YOUR HEART?  
Everything in our society sends the message, "Delight in me!" Even those positive sayings that I once bought into will simply pull us away from delighting in the Lord. What they tell us is to delight in ourselves and our abilities or the abilities of certain others and things. 

 How earnestly do you consider delighting in the Lord?  
 STOP! Stop striving. Striving is in opposition with 'Be Still.' We are told to be still and to stop striving and don't worry. Sometimes in life tangle these words are as foreign as realizing that those two enemies called pride and vanity keep us in a gridlock hold with worry, lack, pain, anger to a negative end. No, they don't have us, we have them. We spiral down and down in a death grip. It is at that time the foreign words will come.Trust God. We simply need that moment of clarity when our true helplessness is understood.
    At that moment we see the big lie..and realize we don't trust God. Have that epiphany, and let go like you just realized you hold a basket overflowing with poisonous vipers.When you do the turn of that great tide against you will cease. Trust God. Let it go. Trust every care to God.  The moment of your epiphany will come.

I don't have to worry. I don't have to come to the rescue of whatever I hold dear. No more. I give it to God. Yes, the invisible God. The maker of heaven and earth. He loves me. He cares. Indeed. In Deed.

Step forward and delight yourself in the Lord. 

Check in. Check in on your priorities and begin putting your delight in the Lord. You can do it. Trust the fulfilling of your heart's desires to the Lord God! This means wonderful things will come your way (the desires of your heart) As I, we, follow the direction to delight in the Lord. This is a process. One I hope you begin. 
     I am experiencing receiving my heart's desires but if I am not delighting myself in the Lord  then that fulfilling,  flow of hearts desire will be hindered because I put my delight and my trust in other means. 

I pray I continue to humble myself and I vow to delight myself in the Lord continually. When trouble/trials of life disturb me, and those things come, I don't struggle or strive WITH it any more. I pray. I give the hurt of it, the sorrow, the fear or anger (plug your own word in) to the Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord God. The unrest and loss of peace are your sign, symptom and reason to get to your cave. Vent, be angry, cry,whine if you must but don't sin. Instead realize the quicker you cry out,

"Lord God, take this. This yoke. This is not my desire or my delight. I delight myself in YOU!" and humble self to your Father God. God is good. He is for us. 
     As we then wait patiently in trust He gives us the desires of our hearts. Sweet Lord! I only wish I had come to this epiphany at the beginning. However, that's not how epiphany's work. =)    Saturday, Dulin

 Want the desires of my heart truly given me then I must make the radical choice  to delight myself in the Lord God. Psalm 37:4 desires--( Psalms 20:5 , 21:2 ), what is lawful and right, really good ( Psalms 84:11 ).

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