Monday, October 5, 2015


Whether it was the killing of one man with one rock or the killing of many with a homemade bomb via easy access to the how to and the simplest of ingredients, NONE of the remedies you advocate will solve the problems. Their is SOMETHING that will bring change that IS within our grasp! DO THIS: Put your faith where your mouth is, 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, (note it is us do gooders he is addressing) to (1) humble themselves and (2) pray and (3) seek MY face and (4) turn from their wicked ways, (surely He doesn't refer to our own wickedness! I wax facetious), THEN, I will hear from heaven, and I WILL forgive their sin and WILL heal their land. " I ask you why do you have faith in your fight over how to stop the violence rather than faith in the simple word of God? Do you believe God? Do you believe the scriptures? If not then what do you base your Christianity on? We must return to faith do it God's way. Trust God. Trust God. Do your part which is putting action to this scripture. I can humble myself before God, I can admit my own wickedness (only He is righteous) and pray and seek God's face AND turn from wicked ways. Then He will do his part and forgive MY sin (not that of the reprobate, get that? MINE ( I am the called by His name, Christ follower) He will hear, forgive me, US and HE will heal our land! THAT is our hope and only THAT will bring change."

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