Thursday, February 7, 2013

God can use us even when we are angry if we just keep doing the right thing.

Today at the end of the workday a fellow worker stopped by my desk. I thought she was bringing a folder with corrections for me complete and send on it's way. However, this was not the case. This person proceeded to rant about how "ya'll are doing these wrong" . Her reference isn't to me it is to a part of the department that I am not even responsible for and she is out of line. Us and them.

Why this makes me so angry I don't know exactly but Oh did I feel my disgust with this person rise. In my dealings with her I have noticed that she is always foremostly concerned about what everyone else is doing wrong which of course is her establishing that she is right before any communication can begin. I on the other hand could care less who is right, who is wrong unless they are breaking the rules of proper treatment of employees (including myself). Otherwise I am on the most part a let's get it done person and move on.

As I look over the events of the afternoon the WHYs come right at me. There I was minding my own business, doing my job and doing it well I might add and here comes the problem. I wondered why Lord do things like this occur? Then I remember my remark to the 3rd party involved in the situation after trouble had gone back to her cave. I distinctly let her know that the thing that bothered me about that person is how needful it is for her to establish how someone, is doing something--ANYTHING it seems, wrong, WRONG WRONG WRONG! LOL I so see through this type of defense mechanism, don't you? It just totally eats my lunch.

If you think about it, isn't that what gossip does usually? It establishes the 'other' party that isn't present as WRONG, SINFUL, ECT. or just simply one way or another LESS THAN the gossip party. That means the ones making the calls and dishing the gossip must be really high and mighty. Woooosh! There it is! Some people DO feel good somehow playing GOD. It is pretend though and in the end gossips hurt themselves and chip away at their own integrity and moral code. It also shows a lack of intelligence through choice of conversation topic.

So, choosing positive over negative things to speak about others is finding the good in a bad situation. Be a good example when you can and try and encourage when you can rather than use your tongue for harm.

It isn't always in the beautiful things that we are used but sometimes through our anger and frustration. Even then, God can use you. I am glad.

Keep doing the right thing, even when you are angry and even if others are doing the wrong thing!

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