Thursday, January 31, 2013


Working in State Records has been such an eye opener about what mankind is capable of. I never knew of such heinous behavior until I began reading/working on the offender files. I was always one who didn't even care to watch the news because it was so full of negative. I have come full circle in my feelings and reactions about what I have seen. From anger, tears, to frustration, and mercy. I was reminded that Jesus died for the murderer, the child molester, as well as the gossip, the adulterer, and me.

I say full circle because I mesmerized myself into thinking that as a christian I shouldn't be angry over daddy's who rape their own little girls or boys. Or mommys who know what these daddys are doing and allow it to continue even though the child comes to them for help. Not the way I feel anymore. Someone needs to get angry and say SOMETHING!! The bible teaches us to be angry and not sin. It doesnt say dont be angry. I am angry and saddened by what is happening in my state and I am sure all states. I Don't want to just sweep it under the rug or keep it stuffed inside while it demolishes my heart because I'm not doing anything to try and help.

Parents need to realize what is commonly happening and maybe to one of your children's playmates. Be alert to the signs and find out what they are concerning other children. Be cautious of where you allow your children to spend time and who is there. Someone who can be trusted may have a visiting relative who is an undiscovered pedophile. This is a recurrent theme in the state records. (Please know there are some women pedophiles in the records I bear witness to but these are few by comparison.  Either they go unreported or there are few as the records indicate).

As a single mom for many years I have thought in hindsight that I was much too careful with my beautiful sons but now can say I was right in protecting them until they were old enough to take care of themselves. Am I trying to frighten you? Yes, into being the protector of your children and not a careless parent that might send your kids anywhere to have some peace and quiet. Most of you are probably smarter than that. God trusted your children to you, not to the 4 winds. I'll hush for now.

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