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What I say on this blog is based on personal experience. I have been brought through by the grace and help of God sometimes through other people like counselors, speakers, writers, many, many hours of being in the trenches, stumbling, falling, getting back up. Being victimized by life feels pretty awful but what I have learned is through Christ we have the victory. Victims become Victors! This is my hope and my prayer for any who read this blog.

 Recently I have been reminded that although life entails its' moments or maybe even years of victimization by some ego centric person that crossed your path or a very negative situation...and even though terrible acts may have been committed against you, if you are out of the situation don't allow yourself to continue to be the victim! Think of yourself as a recovering person who was victimized.

Yes, you may have months or even years of processing and healing but you are no longer in the situation and are not a victim. 

There are many, many things we can be victimized by. Family violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, unfaithful spouse, a deadbeat parent, even as a result of poverty JUST TO NAME A FEW OF THE VERY COMMON ONES. 

      Perhaps you are the victim of sexual harassment or bullying at work or at school. If these things are happening or have happened in your life the first act of a person who refuses to be victimized is for you to make an outcry to someone. If you are in school make an outcry to an official at school like your school counselor, a teacher, or the police. If you are at work, take a stand. Write a letter and give it to someone in higher authority in your company but if the act is criminal as in sexual assault or assault, terrorizing, or stalking, tell the police in your area.

      Once these things are brought to the light and stopped then you can be on your way to recovery. A recovering victim.
Sometimes help in your recovery process seems hard to find but it is there through seeking wise counselors, prayer, and joining a church group  under strong leadership.

People are victimized in life and it is important that we recognize it is an awful thing. There is great need for wise counsel and healing but it is important for those who experience the different types of victimization to see themselves in a different light. Don't see yourself as a victim but instead do something proactive about it. There are legal ways to do this and that is what I am suggesting. I believe there is ALWAYS something that can be done. Don't just roll over and take it.

Once you experience standing on very shaky legs and getting yourself out from under the victimizer the next best thing you can do for yourself is declaring to yourself, "I AM NO LONGER A VICTIM!" I believe there are many people who although they are no longer in the situation still wear the mindset of a victim. Some find this to be there new COMFORT ZONE but no matter how UNCOMFORTABLE  it may feel you must discard the old and put on the new! 

 I just want to add that  there are indeed horrific acts against victims that I won't even name. Much compassion and prayer go out for all having experienced such criminal acts. It takes great courage and resolve to stand, to pursue healing, and to recover in these situations. In no way do I over simplify your recovery or experience. I do say to you there is hope and your pain and your greatest tragedy can become a catalyst for your greatest strength.

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